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Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Asigaame.com here we offer services to all who wants to do business with us and together with our service provider (Ipage) and are subject to your loyal and willful compliance with the Terms & Conditions stipulated below. We will entreat all to read and understand the content of the Terms & Conditions before using this Web Site or any material that has something to do with this for which the Terms & Conditions is meant to protect.

The responsible for ensuring that advertising content, text, images, graphics, video (“Content”) uploaded for inclusion on Asigaame.com lies on advertisers/users of this platform and they must comply with all applicable laws that governs this operation. Asigaame.com and its services provider(s) assume no responsibility for any illegality or any inaccuracy of the Content uploaded on this Website. The advertisers/users guarantees that every Content uploaded does not violate any copyright Act, Intellectual property rights or other rights of any person or entity in Ghana and beyond, and agrees to exonerate Asigaame.com and it service provider(s) from all obligations, liabilities and claims arising as a result of conducting business or not able to use our service.
Advertisers/ Users agree that Content/ details uploaded may be shared amongst partner sites of Asigaame.com under the same terms and conditions as on Asigaame.com.
You will post in the appropriate category or area and will not do any of the following bad things:

  • violate any laws or our Prohibited Content Policy;
  • be false or misleading;
  • infringe any third-party right;
  • distribute or contain spam, chain letters, or pyramid schemes;
  • distribute viruses or any other technologies that may harm Asigaame.com and its service provider equipment and gadgets or the interests or property of Asigaame.com users;
  • impose an unreasonable load on our infrastructure or interfere with the proper working of the asigaame
  • copy, modify, or distribute any other person’s content;
  • use any robot, spider, scraper or other automated means to access Asigaame.com and collect content for any purpose without our express written permission;
  • harvest or otherwise collect information about others, including email addresses, without their consent;
  • Bypass measures used to prevent or restrict access to Asigaame.

Advertisers and users of this electronic platform do grant Asigaame.com and its service provider(s), an irrevocable and an exclusive right and license to use, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from and distribute such Content or incorporate such Content into any form, medium, or technology now known or later developed in the name of helping the user or advertiser in any way that can promote business.
All materials, including the Contents and any other (Data, software and services) contained herein is the property of Asigaame.com and its Service provider(s) and in the case a third party is added in the near future. Any intellectual property rights and other distinguishing brands on the Web site shall and will be the property of Asigaame.com and will be edited as and when necessary for the purposes of enhancing business flow. All material on this site remains the sole property of Asigaame.com and its Service provider(s) and without a written permission no person, company or entity has the right to copy, reproduce, republish, install, post, transmit, store or distribute its contents in any way or manner.

Asigaame.com as indicted on all pictures that will be posted on our websites is to prevent all images from being used by unauthorized users and its remains the sole property of Asigaame.com as such unless a written permission from any third party has been received and given the green light in writing after consulting the advertiser/ user of the image in question, those found guilty will be held liable

Safety and images
Changes made to the title of the Content where necessary and the right to publish or not to publish images that are not clear and considered to be misleading in anyway and those seen as irrelevant and deem fit to violate the Terms and Conditions rest only on management of Asigaame,com

The right of Asigaame.com to cooperate with authorities in the case of any Content that violates the laws of the land. The identity of advertisers, users or buyers may be determined on the ground of security reasons and Asigaame.com or any of its third parties in the future will not be held liable in such occurrences should it be so.

As a result of the commercial purpose that this platform is supposed to serve, Asigaame.com and its service provider(s) will collect valid information from Advertisers and Users such as email addresses, contact, locations and so forth which are requirements to enable the smooth operation of business. Before they will be allowed to post advertisements in any form in conformity to these terms & conditions. And by accepting you have agreed for these information’s gathered to be used and also Asigaame.com reserves the right to disclose it to its Affiliates and any other person for the purposes of a good administration works in the future.
Also for a better functionality on this site it’s advised that all cookies are enabled, since Cookie files contain certain relevant information, which enables visitor to keep track of all the pages visited.

Site functionality
Asigaame.com and its service provider(s) do not guarantee continuous or secure access to the Web Site. The Web Site is provided “as is” and as and when available and can be can be distorted during certain natural occurrences
Links to third party software or websites
Asigaame.com and Its service provider may now or in the near future contain links or references to other websites/ third Party Sites. And shall not be held liable or responsible in any way for the contents in Third Party Websites because Third Party Websites are not investigated or monitored. If the advertiser/ user decide to leave asigaame.com and access or use Third Party Sites, the advertiser/ User does so at his/her own risk.

Paid content and services
Some content and services of Asigaame.com require the Advertiser/ User to make payment, including but not limited to, membership packages, posting of advertisements in selected categories, and sale of items through options of Buy Now, and advertisement promotions. Users may purchase ad promotions using Mobile money options available. Under no circumstances shall Asigaame.com be obliged to refund any payments made in respect to Paid Content.

Memberships package
Membership package includes a virtual shop or store for any advertiser/ user where he or she can manage the items or services that will be uploaded and it’s at the discretion of Asigaame.com and its service provider(s). The virtual shop or store is a dedicated webpage on Asigaame.com and will be supervised and maintained by the qualified team from Asigaame.com, with content provided by the advertiser/user. The right to any content added to the virtual Shop or store by the advertiser/ user lies solely on management of Asigaame.com in relation to removing or not publishing the content if it violates any aspect of the Terms and Conditions. The right to modify or change membership packages, including the price and the contents of the membership package rest only on management of Asaigaame.com and nobody else unless otherwise stated in the near future.
For the purposes of cancellation of membership packages due to trade conducts not allowed under this terms and conditions there will be no obligation to refund monies for services rendered or not rendered.
Asigaame.com reserves the right to suspend, restrict or withdraw access to Asigaame.com and/or Membership of any advertiser/ user who does not comply with these terms and conditions

Buy Now service
Buy Now is a service provided by Asigaame.com to deliver and handle payment of items purchase via the portal of Asigaame.com.
Asigaame.com charges a fee for service that is provided to Sellers when an item is delivered to a Buyer and the Buyer pays for the item. If the Buyer is unwilling or unavailable to buy the item, Asigaame.com will return the item to the Seller against payment of a return fee. Asigaame.com reserves the right to amend these fees at any time when the need arises
By listing an item for sale on Asigaame.com, Sellers or advertisers are to undertake the following:

  • To accept delivery of any items ordered by Buyers using “Buy Now” unless the items are out of stock. Asigaame.com reserves the exclusive right to delete ads upon refusal of delivery and if the item offered for sale has been purchased already.
  • Only items or items that matches with the item to be delivered are to be presented to the buyer and it must meet the required quality and quantity for which an interest was developed for acceptance.
  • That they have the lawful right and necessary registrations and license to sell the advertised or the service offered to the interested party.
  • To put item in its right package if required and prepare the item for delivery, at the expense of the seller and Asigaame.com will not provide for installation and dismantling of items that has to be unassembled.
  • Not to encourage nor entice Buyers who have placed orders using “Buy Now” to complete the purchase outside of Asigaame.com or you do so at your own risk.
  • To accept payment of the price quoted for the item, minus the service charge, within a reasonable timeframe upon successful sale of an item to the buyer
  • For every item that the buyer is no longer willing or not available to buy and is returned the seller shall pay a return fee to Asihgaame.com for the process undertaken.
  • To pay any taxes due if and when the item is sold.

By clicking on the “Buy Now” order, Buyers undertake the following:
To purchase the item at the quoted amount unless negotiations has been made and there is a clear understanding of the financial obligation to be taken by the buyer, or unless it is materially different from the description provided by the Seller on Asigaame.com

Asigaame.com guarantees full payment to the Seller of all damages or breach during the process of delivery, within a reasonable period when a proper investigation has been conducted and all liabilities point to us.

Asigaame.com and its services provider(s) has no responsibility what so ever for the use of Asigaame.com and disclaims all responsibility for any injury, claim, liability, or damage of any kind resulting from or arising out of or any way related to (a) any errors on Asigaame.com or the Content, including but not limited to technical errors and typographical errors, (b) any third party web sites or content directly or indirectly accessed through links in Asigaame.com, (c) the unavailability of the website of Asigaame.com, (d) your use of asigaame.com or the Content, or (e) your use of any equipment (or software) in connection with Asigaame.com
Asigaame.com does not provide any guarantees in any form that Sellers have acted diligently in their listings, have items in stock and at quantity stated, will accept the return of an item, or provide any refunds, or that Buyer and seller will complete a transaction successfully. For delays, performance, losses, damages or misrepresentations will not be the problem of Asigaame.com

Indemnity clause
Advertisers/ users agree to indemnify Asigaame.com and its service providers and other third parties in the future as well as its officers, directors, employees, agents, from and against all losses, expenses, damages and costs, including attorney’s fees, resulting from any violation of this Terms and Conditions including negligent or wrongful misconduct.

Asigaame.com and its service provider(s) reserves the right to any modifications that may arise to these Terms and Conditions. Such modifications shall be effective immediately a posting come live online on Asigaame.com. You the Advertiser/ user will be responsible for the reviewing of such modifications. Your continued access or use of Asigaame.com shall be deemed you have accepted the modifications made concerning the terms and conditions herein.

Statutory law
Asigaame.com is operated under the laws and regulations of Ghana. Advertisers/ users agree that the Ghanaian courts will have jurisdiction over any dispute or claim relating to the use of Asigaame.com.

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